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Pick 'n' Mix Activities


A range of engaging and exciting rich activities for curriculum 2022


The activities give opportunities for quality learning across the Areas and develop cross-curricular responsibilities of literacy, numeracy and digital competence. They aim to develop learners' skills in Creativity and innovation, Critical thinking and problem solving, Personal effectiveness, and Planning and organising which underpin the four purposes of Curriculum 2022. All the activities utilise a range of pedagogical principles.

Each rich activity has Teacher's notes, to show how it links with the curriculum, cross-curricular responsibilities and integral skills, and instructions as to how to prepare for and carry out the activity. Each rich activity covers several teaching hours and is broken up into a number of tasks.

The activities aim to stimulate learners’ curiosity, so that they will be more engaged and therefore better motivated to succeed. They are based around questioning because this is the driving force behind improving learners’ higher-order thinking. 

Therefore, all these activities are designed around a series of tasks with focus questions for learners to lead them through the task. As effective collaboration is key to developing higher-order thinkers, all the activities require pairs or small groups of learners to work together to discuss and answer the posed questions.


Priced at £25 each or 5 for £100 (exclusive of VAT)

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Foundation Phase

Rec - Y2

Key Stage 2

Y3 - Y6

Key Stage 3

Y7 - Y9