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Our Team


Think Learn Challenge (TLC) passionately believes that all learners have the right to success. We strive to deliver the highest quality advice, consultancy, training, research and classroom materials. All our key messages and methodologies are based solely on sound educational research with proven success. Over the past five years, TLC have worked with governments to develop policy, authored high-quality classroom curricular and materials and delivered training to thousands of teachers both in the UK and internationally. We have worked with many high-profile researchers such as Profs Carol McGuinness, the late Philip Adey, Mary James, John Gardiner and Dylan Wiliam.

We were founded in late 2011, when our Partners decided to put our vision into practice. Our head office is in Caerphilly, South Wales, although we work bilingually across every nook and cranny of Wales. In addition, we deliver training and consultancy advice across the UK and internationally.


As a company we:

Deliver Central and school-based coaching, mentoring and training

These courses cover a wide range of skills, competencies and subjects. They range from a suite of Curriculum 2022 courses, supporting schools to develop their vision and then implementing it, to Subject-specific courses, such as those focused on STEM, STEAM, science and technology, humanities, expressive arts, health and well-being and language, literacy and communication. We also deliver more generic best practice courses such as those on effective marking, assessment for learning, problem solving, metacognition and higher-order thinking skills. We also offer courses on Digital literacy and marketing. Further details of our current Inset calendar can be found here.


Design and deliver bespoke school-based coaching, mentoring and training

We have successfully developed many bespoke training programmes for schools and clusters of schools. For example:


This list is far from exhaustive. Please contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to meet them.


Author and sell quality educational materials

We have years of experience in developing challenging and motivating classroom materials. Currently, we author rich activities for Curriculum 2022 which go across the curriculum and include the cross-curricular skills and the integral skills of the four purposes. They are designed around quality questioning using a problem-solving approach. They enable learners to develop and improve their skills in creative and critical thinking, collaboration, research and communication, These are available to purchase from here.

We also produce supporting materials for quality classroom practice, which can be found on the Classroom resources page.


Fulfil educational public contracts

We have been privileged to be awarded a number of public contracts. These include contracts to develop all the mainstream guidance and training on the original LNF, in partnership with Tinopolis, for the Welsh Government, for the British Council to develop and deliver CPD on their Core skills and Curriculum 2022 global learning courses and Techniquest to deliver STEM Outreach in secondary schools. Further details of these and our many other contracted projects can be found on the Projects page.