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Think Learn Challenge (TLC) passionately believes that all learners have the right to success. We strive to deliver the highest quality advice, consultancy, training, research and classroom materials. All our key messages and methodologies are based solely on sound educational research with proven success.

Over the past ten years, TLC has worked with governments to develop policy, authored high-quality classroom and curricular materials and delivered training to thousands of teachers both in the UK and internationally, for example, in Thailand, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa and Colombia. We have worked with teachers, schools, governments, charities and other organisations to better the educational landscape for learners globally.


As a company we:



We have been privileged to be awarded a number of public contracts. These include contracts to produce asynchronous training materials, for practitioners of ages 3-7, on behalf of Welsh Government (currently housed on Hwb), develop the mainstream guidance and training on the original Literacy and Numeracy Framework, in partnership with Tinopolis, for the Welsh Government, and for the British Council, to develop and deliver CPD on their Core skills and Curriculum for Wales global learning courses. Further details of these and our many other contracted projects can be found on the Projects page.


Deliver Central and school-based coaching, mentoring and training

These courses cover a wide range of skills, competencies and subjects. They range from a suite of Curriculum for Wales courses, supporting schools to develop their vision and then implementing it, to more subject-specific courses for post-14 teachers. We also deliver more generic best practice courses such as those on effective marking, assessment for learning, problem solving, metacognition, digital literacy and higher-order thinking skills. We also offer courses for aspiring senior and junior managers to support practitioners and teachers to realise their professional ambitions.


Design and deliver bespoke school-based coaching, mentoring and training

We have successfully developed many bespoke training programmes for schools and clusters of schools. These include those focused on all of the areas mentioned above, delivered as twilight, half-day and full-day training sessions (online and face-to-face). For further information on how TLC can help with your school or cluster’s professional learning ambitions, please contact us.


Author and sell quality educational materials

We have years of experience in developing challenging and motivating classroom materials. Currently, we author cross-curricular, rich activities relevant to Curriculum for Wales across areas of learning and experience. All aim to develop learners’ cross-curricular skills and the integral skills underpinning the four purposes. They are designed around quality questioning using a problem-solving approach. The rich activities also enable learners to develop and improve their skills in creative and critical thinking, collaboration, research and communication.



Inspired by the schools and institutions across the world that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, TLC has recently built a Global Action Schools website so these establishments, and others, can share the wonderful and inspirational local social action projects their learners have been involved in. These local social action projects aim to strive towards the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and look to better their local community and/or environment. We are currently developing a training package on how to develop local social action projects with learners, that will be available on TLC’s Global Action Schools website.