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Bespoke Support

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Bespoke Support


Think Learn Challenge (TLC) passionately believes that all learners have the right to success. We strive to deliver the highest quality advice, consultancy, training, research and classroom materials. All our key messages and methodologies are based solely on sound educational research with proven success. Over the past nine years, TLC have worked with governments to develop policy, authored high-quality classroom curricular and materials and delivered training to thousands of teachers both in the UK and internationally. We have worked with many high-profile researchers such as Profs Carol McGuinness, the late Philip Adey, Mary James, John Gardner and Dylan Wiliam.

All of our bespoke courses are interactive and designed as a series of hands-on workshops sharing best practice, covering a wide range of skills, competencies and subjects. They are planned with school managers prior to delivery to give practical and valuable support throughout your school. They can be offered online or face-to-face. Our training ranges in length from twilights to three days and are delivered across Wales in the most relevant language for that location. All materials are available bilingually and are freely available to participants electronically for use in school.  

Here are some examples of the type of bespoke packages we can offer:



Our consultants have many years’ experience in the development and implementation of formative and summative assessment, this includes a wide range of strategies used within Assessment for Learning and standardisation of assessment to national and qualification level. Assessment for Learning is an essential part of classroom practice and is proven to improve learner outcomes, as highlighted in Curriculum 2022. Examples of previous Assessment based courses include:


Digital Literacy and the DCF

Digital literacy is a high priority in Wales, though Curriculum 2022 and its Digital Competence Framework. Many teachers still lack in the confidence to deal with this challenge. Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the issues and challenges that schools face with implementing the DCF and incorporating Digital Literacy into their classrooms. After successfully delivery a three-year training programme on behalf of the British Council on Digital Literacy, our consultants will use their expertise to deliver practical school-based advice and training on how to use digital media effectively and safely to improve lesson quality.


Classroom practice and Pedagogy

Curriculum 2022 is centred around the four purposes of learning, utilising the 12 pedological principles. Over the years we have delivered many courses focusing on these purposes and principles including a 3-year training programme on behalf of the British Council specifically on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Examples of other courses we have delivered include:


Cross-curricular Themes

Preparing for Curriculum 2022, schools are keen to develop more cross-curricular approaches to learning. TLC has a huge range of experience working with various subjects in developing cross-curricular learning plans and classroom activities. Some examples of previous training focusing on cross-curricular themes include:


Literacy and Numeracy

TLC, in partnership with Tinopolis, was privileged to be involved with supporting the introduction of the LNF and produced the initial mainstream Guidance under contract to the Welsh Government. We pride ourselves in our understanding of best practice in planning for and delivering the LNF, aspect of the Cross-curricular skills, progression through it, and formative and summative assessment of, learners’ literacy and numeracy skills. Examples of previous bespoke training sessions include:


areas of learning and experience and Subject Specific

We have a wide range of highly knowledgeable and experienced subject specialist facilitators. All have had whole school responsibility and have successfully taught their subject for many years. Many work within Awarding Organisations (AOs) for GCSE and/or A level or are Regulators of AOs for Ofqual and/or Qualifications Wales. Therefore, they are ideally placed to understand current issues within their field. All of our specialists are strong and engaging facilitators who believe passionately that all children deserve success. Currently, we offer subject-specific inset in science and technology, STEM, humanities, modern foreign languages, music, English and Welsh second language from Foundation Phase, KS2, KS3 and post-16. All of our subject-specific courses also focus on best practice in implementing the subject within its AoLE. Examples of our previous subject specific courses include:


All bespoke support is available as online or face-to-face twilight or full day sessions, and will be tailored to your individual requirements from our expert consultants:


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