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Stephanie Vaughan

Stephanie Vaughan has taught English Literacy in many contexts from an inner city school in London to a school in the Welsh valleys. This has given her a deep understanding of the challenges teachers face in developing pupils’ literacy from KS2 onwards. She has led English and Literacy in two very different schools and worked with large teams of teachers. In her role as English and Literacy adviser for Swansea LEA, she wrote her own extensive schemes for teaching reading comprehension and writing and she champions the idea that pupils need to know how to comprehend and create text independently. She was responsible for creating the Eight Reading Behaviours, which significantly helped to raise standards across the county. Her materials have improved standards dramatically, in particular in areas of deprivation, and appealed to boys, raising their achievements and motivation.

She has worked with schools to develop thinking and AfL. As she is a qualified Assistant Inspector for Estyn and a Tribal I and E assessor, she is well aware of the mountain schools have to climb. She is willing to be your Sherpa on this journey and hopes that this training will give you a richer and broader understanding of how to develop literacy.