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Mark Thomas

Mark is a founding partner in TLC. A physics graduate, he has worked in education for thirty five years and on a number of prominent projects for the company since it began in 2011, including:


 As an independent consultant, Mark has authored the ‘Progression of skills through science enquiry’ and more recently the ‘Graph, What Graph’ digital resources both housed on Hwb.

He began his career as a secondary school physics teacher before transferring to the primary sector in Liverpool as a KS1 & KS2 teacher and science subject coordinator. During his thirteen years in primary education he was involved in numerous curriculum and test development projects with CRIPSAT (Centre for Research in Primary Science and Technology) at the University of Liverpool. Most notably, research activity relating to the publication of the Standards at KS2 English, Maths and Science Reports on National Curriculum Assessments for 11 year olds (1996-2003) published by QCA. Mark started as a researcher at CRIPSAT in 2001 and was the Development coordinator for the KS2 Science tests for Wales (2003-2006) and the Optional Assessment materials for KS2 Science in 2007 and co-author of the Scientific Enquiry Materials published in 2006.

Towards the end of his University career, Mark played a major role in developing two tranches of the Year 5 Optional Skills Assessment Materials for ‘Developing thinking’ in Wales and was project manager for three on-line resources, namely the KS2 Thematic website (2010), a KS3 Sustainability project and the Enquiries through play materials.