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Heather Eedy

Heather has worked with TLC for over nine years as Office and Finance Manager. She is the first point of contact within TLC and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the partnership.

Heather has organised and managed many contracts in her time with TLC, including:

Outside of these large contracts, Heather has worked on many smaller contracts with TLC and on a day-to-day basis is responsible for general marketing, design of materials, website design and maintenance, accounts and payroll.

Prior to working with TLC, Heather worked as an Account manager and Trainer for a large international company. Within this role, Heather was responsible for a large team, managing their workload and overseeing the quality of their customer relations and standard of work. She was also responsible for stock management, wages, advertising, managing targets, training and the general running of the account.