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Curriculum for Wales inset courses


Making Sense of Curriculum for Wales

A free two-hour introductory course to help teachers make sense of the new curriculum.

Curriculum 2022: What does it look like? What does it mean to me and my school? What are we currently doing? What will we need to do in the future?


Key topics:


Available to book as a group of 5-10 teachers. Contact us to book your session. 


Building a learner-centred Curriculum for Wales CPD Suite

A suite of high quality professional learning to ensure you maintain a consistent focus on supporting learners in realising the four purposes. 

Our suite of modules will help schools and settings create a culture which encourages practitioners to develop a deep understanding of learner-centred learning, effective pedagogies, quality ongoing assessment and best-practise planning.


Each of the modules:


Details of each module can be found below.

Cost per module is £120 + VAT per person. Available to book as a group of 5-10 teachers or follow us on Twitter @TLC_Consultancy for details on dates for individual bookings.

Contact us to book your session.


Real-life learning

How to engage all learners through meaningful experiences in authentic contexts, focusing on critical and creative thinking.


Inquiry-based learning 

How to foster curiosity through learner-initiated experiences focusing on big ideas.


Effective assessment

How to design and develop holistic assessments and use them for purposeful planning and learner engagement.


Designing your curriculum

How to develop your curriculum ideas into workable plans which will involve investigation, processing, creating, and communicating learning.



How to develop learners’ ability to plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning and how metacognition can improve learners’ thinking, enhance learning and develop self-knowledge.