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Philippa Minto

Having achieved a doctorate in Physical Chemistry, Philippa began her career as a research chemist for a large oil company. After some time, she retrained as a primary school teacher. She has been the science subject leader at a large primary school in Pontypool for the past fourteen years and in 2013 the school was awarded the PSQM Gold Award.

In 2004, Philippa won a Primary Science Teaching Award from the ASE, and as a consequence, became the Welsh representative on the ASE's Primary Committee. In the six years that she served on the committee, she kept the ASE informed of developments in science in Wales. Philippa also ran workshops on Getting Practical at the ASE's annual conference and wrote articles for their PSR journal. She was also involved in writing the ASE's Guide to Primary Science and more recently, their publication entitled 'It's not fair - or is it?' which focuses on the progression and development of skills in other types of enquiries (not fair tests).

In 2011, Philippa was appointed Deputy Chief Moderator for Science in the KS2 & 3 assessment pilot programme and has recently become a hub leader for the Primary Science Quality Mark.