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Glen Gilchrist

Glen is a currently a specialist adviser for science within a local authority consortium, having worked as a Hwb secondary specialist for the Welsh Government, subject team leader, external examiner and school governor. He believes passionately that data is both the forge for driving instrumental change and the anvil on which existing initiatives can be tested. Having used data and designed research to drive up standards, whilst driving down costs, he speaks from the heart about the culture of ‘measuring what we value’ compared to ‘valuing what we measure’. His local authority research and data use demonstrated the significance of learners’ original primary school compared with in-school gender initiatives in their secondary school. Glen also carried out a long term study showing how teacher attendance has the greatest impact on learner outcomes. Both of these pieces of research changed focus in the secondary schools in order to improve learner outcomes. His action research into the ‘Hawthorne effect’ in education demonstrated that for some learners and teachers, the impact on their motivation was greater because they were involved in research rather than the actual initiative itself.